What is the difference between Biomodules and BioBrick®?

Biomodules are Doulix's modular parts that you can use to quickly build constructs in our bioCAD platform - DNA studio.

The very modular concept behind Biomodules and BioBrick® is the same. Much like a BioBrick®, a biomodule is a standard biological part with a well-defined DNA sequence. 

Biomodules are the building blocks of Doulix platform and allow you to design large, complex constructs from well characterised DNA parts.

You can design constructs from Doulix's collection of 2000+ professionally designed biomodules. Or create your own private collection for you and your lab to design and reuse.

Unlike BioBricks®, your biomodules can be designed independently of the assembly method. This allows you to design parts without concern for manufacturability. Our powerful AI optimises your fragments according to the assembly method of your choice.

That way you can focus on design.


(Disclaimer: BioBrick® is a registered trademark of the BioBricks Foundation)