What does your Biofoundry synthesis service include?

Doulix's biofoundry service offers an end-to-end solution from design to synthesis at one simple flat pricing.

We provide integrated design and build services so you can produce large, complex constructs without ever touching a piece of DNA. Our prices are “all included” starting from €0.12/bp.

Doulix supports your research with a number of transformative tools and services:

  • The Biofoundry: end-to-end build services - reliably build large, complex constructs up to 35kbp with hands-off synthesis and build services. Simply share your designs, we handle development from end-to-end.
  • DNA vault: your personal DNA repository - store your physical parts and constructs in your secure, personal repository for rapid reuse. Enjoy faster turnaround, rapidly create variants and pay only for de novo synthesis.
  • DNAngels: one-to-one support - enjoy one-to-one support from our PhD level experts at every step of your project, from design to experimentation.
  • DNA studio:  the computer-aided design app for biology - design constructs fast with a bioCAD equipped with a modular builder, sequence designer, validation and collaboration tools.
  • Collections: professional parts library - design more quickly with 2000+ professionally designed parts and constructs. 

By helping you design and build more quickly, while removing the challenges of traditional DNA synthesis, we help you double your output and cut your time to prototype. 

Sound good? Explore our services below.

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