What are biomodules and why should I use them?

Biomodules are the building blocks of our bioCAD that help you design large, complex constructs in minutes.

Biomodules are the building blocks of Doulix bioCAD - DNA studio. They allow you to design large, complex constructs from well characterised DNA parts.

Quickly design constructs by choosing parts from our public collection of 2000+ professionally designed biomodules, or create your own in a private collection for you and your lab to design, reuse and mutate.

You can also design your biomodules to be independent of the assembly method. Which allows you to design parts without concern for manufacturability. Our powerful AI will optimise your fragments according to the assembly method chosen for assembly. 

Our biomodules allow for reliable and fast modular design, so you can generate hundreds of constructs in minutes.

And by decoupling manufacture, our biomodules allow you to focus on what matters- the design.

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