How to import a Simple Construct

Import a Circular Vector as FASTA or GB file to quickly edit and annotate your sequence in Construct designer. Then extract sequences to create biomodules of Linear Backbones, ORFs and more.

Create a simple construct via the plasmid onboarding tool as a reference, to make detailed edits or to extract parts for use with our modular design tools.

Not sure about the difference between a simple construct and a modular one? Check out this guide:

Go to-> Introduction to Constructs in DNA studio

Use the Plasmid Onboarding tool to:

  • Extract sequences to create Linear Backbones for subcloning.

  • Modularise parts to create biomodules of your genes, promoters and more.

  • Quickly create variants of your plasmid by adding, deleting and replacing bases.

  • Send a whole plasmid for synthesis

How to Import your Construct


  • From the DNA studio Home Screen navigate to Toolbox.
  • In the search bar, type 'Onboarding'.
  • In the search results you will see the Plasmid Onboarding Tool. Choose it.
  • On the upload page you can enter the name of your Construct.
  • Next, upload the GB or FASTA file of your Construct.
  • Click proceed.


Construct Designer

You have now created a Simple Construct containing the sequence and annotations of your plasmid. Now within Construct Designer you can add, delete and replace base pairs in your sequence. You can also annotate your sequence or extract portions to create Biomodules that you can use to quickly build Modular Constructs with our Template Editor.