Can I modify my order once submitted?

Yes, within 24 hours from the order acknowledgment you receive via email. Just respond to the email we send you with and we will put your order on stand-by.

What are BIOMODULEs and why should I use them?

A BIOMODULE is a standard biological part with a well-defined DNA sequence. BIOMODULEs are the building blocks of DOULIX platform and allows you design large and complex synthetic biological constructs by assembling small and well-characterized DNA parts. The main advantage is modularity concept behind BIOMODULEs, indeed any BIOMODULE can be reused in different constructs to streamline and speed-up the design process.

How much does DOULIX cost?

The use of DOULIX to design and/or validate synthetic biology constructs is free of charge. If you decide to order your construct, synthesis starts at 0.12 euros/bp.

What is doulix?

DOULIX is a synthetic biology toolkit to design, validate and synthesize custom synthetic biology constructs. DOULIX allows you to design your custom construct by assembling standard biological parts called BIOMODULES. into multipartite plasmids. You can choose from our broad collection of public BIOMODULES or create your custom sequence and assemble them into your vector of choice. DOULIX also helps you to avoid most common design flaws by guiding you through a step-by-step validation of your construct. You can then order your ready-to-use full-length construct or individual BIOMODULES to build it yourself.