How to share your sequences with your teammates

Working together with your teammates has never been easier! We have developed a collaborating tool to share DNA sequences and work collaboratively in Doulix. If you want to share a sequence with other people, follow these 5 simple steps: 1 Log-in Doulix 2 Access your biomodule or construct collection (left user menu) and click “view” on the sequence you want to share 3 Click the invite icon you find on the right-hand menu in the collaborator section 4 Type recipient email in the email field 5 Choose the permission right you want to grant from the drop-down menu. With Doulix sharing center you are always in control: 1 Check who does what in the Sharing center (left user menu) 2 Change or revoke access rights at any time by clicking on your collaborator gravatar

DOULIX Quality policy

DOULIX is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards by TÜV AUSTRIA CERT with Certificate Registration No 20100151417875 issued for “Research, development and manufacturing of tools and reagents for synthetic biology”. We pride ourselves in providing the first and only collection of lab-tested standard biological parts, called BIOMODULE. Each and every certified BIOMODULE is sequence-verified and in vivo tested for function before release. Our lab tests are carried out under the most stringent ISO-9001 quality controls. DOULIX undergoes annual inspection audits and a re-certification audit every three years to demonstrate its compliance with the highest standard of quality. This means that every time you use one of our certified BIOMODULE you are assured it will work as expected. Download certification

Does DOULIX provide any tool for de novo assembly or Tree Building?

DOULIX is designed for synthetic biology applications and more specifically for construct design and simulation. We chose to focus on our core application rather than develop a one-size-fits-all software. If you need to run specific tasks there are a number of very good software available, try here.

Will I retain rights on my CONSTRUCT or BIOMODULE?

Sure, customers retain all rights to the sequence data and related intellectual property of both custom constructs and custom biomodules. In addition, all data exchange is secured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your sensitive data. You will also own all rights, title and interest in and to any DNA sequence we synthesize on your behalf, being single- or double-stranded linear or circular DNA. You will also retain the ownership and property of any custom vector you will provide us in order to carry out subcloning and/or vector engineering.

What is the difference between BIOMODULEs and BioBrick®?

The very modular concept behind BIOMODULEs an BioBrick® is the same. A BIOMODULE is a standard biological part with a well-defined DNA sequence. BIOMODULEs are the building blocks of DOULIX platform and allows you design large and complex synthetic biological constructs by assembling small and well-characterized DNA parts. The main advantage is modularity concept behind BIOMODULEs, indeed any BIOMODULE can be reused in different constructs to streamline and speed-up the design process. (Disclaimer: BioBrick® is a registered trademark of the BioBricks Foundation)