Doulix: a bento box of synbio tools to work smarter and set aside more time for you.

Author: Serena Marletta, PhD - Doulix Collection Manager
Doulix's bento-box of synbio tools

Another long workday has just ended. Today it didn’t work as you were expecting, that DNA fragment you’re striving to clone is still playing up. What went wrong? Maybe traditional restriction/ligation is not working, you could try Gibson assembly, it worked with your lab mate last week. Maybe it’s the vector, you would better check it, though it was designed by the previous PhD and a manual sketch it’s all what you have.

By the way, it’s already 6:30 PM and you are dreaming of some rest on the sofa. Also, your stomach is growling, you had time only for a sandwich at lunch. Finally home, you rush to the kitchen to conquer the fridge…… E-M-P-T-Y!!! You had such a busy week in the lab that you forgot to go to the groceries, again☹

Fortunately, technology comes to help you and make your belly full tonight. It’s such an easy protocol to follow: grab your phone, open that trendy food order app everybody talks about and, in a few minutes, you’re just sitting in front of an inviting Bento box coming directly from your favorite sushi restaurant.

Well, what if technology could simplify your lab life, what if a single app could help you face your job challenges? What if that construct you are working on for months is just a few clicks away from your lab bench? Now, here’s the good news: this is already a reality and is named DOULIX (

DOULIX is the first FREE cloud-based app for synthetic biologists that provides you an end-to-end solution to move seamlessly from design to synthesis. Whatever your synbio application is about, Doulix offers you a complete set of tools to streamline your workflow and relieve your lab pains. Here’s a taste of what you could do with it!

One DNA part, one Part-ID: a FAIR-compliant DNA repository
I bet you are tired to jump from one DNA registry to the other to collect all the DNA parts you will have to use and, on top of that, you’d love to know if they work as expected. DOULIX provides the first and only collection of certified standard biological parts, called BIOMODULEs, complying with most stringent ISO-9001 quality controls. Certified public BIOMODULEs are sequence-verified and tested in vivo for function before release. Doulix’s DNA repository includes well-known public collections such as iGEM, SEVA, CIDAR and many industrial collection such as Agilent and Sirion Biotech. Each DNA part you find on Doulix is identified by a unique persistent identifier, called Part ID, making it findable and accessible over time from everyone.

DNA Editor and Proofreader
Once you’ve found the right BIOMODULEs for you, Doulix puts at your disposal a full-fledged sequence editor so that you can immediately start designing your synthetic construct. While you have the freedom to create, annotate, mutate and share Biomodules and Constructs, Doulix will keep an eye on your sequences to check the presence of the most common flaws, thus avoiding annoying errors before moving to synthesis.

Let AI speed up your workflow
As hoped by Synbio’s founding fathers, with DOULIX you can finally harness the power of Artificial intelligence to decouple design from synthesis. If you are a “DIY” person and you wish to assemble your construct in-house, another thing you can say good-bye is the tedious design of the fragments for running the assembly method of your choice. So, you have just to pick a cloning method among GoldenGate, Gibson, In-Fusion, SureVector and DNAmate and DOULIX will change accordingly and compute the perfect fragments for you. And this is not all. Doulix’s AI can scan your sequence and return to you with a tailored shopping list of products and services from top providers to accelerate your research. Less time searching reagents, more time doing research 😉

A tool pouch strapped round your finger
Either you want to design a promoter or an adeno-associated vector you can surely pull the right tool out of Doulix’s hat! Doulix’s smart toolbox provides a number of wizards; each of them is a step-by-step guide to achieving your goal, thus minimizing costs in terms of time and money.

Wait a minute… I’ve just received an e-mail from Doulix that made my day! My plasmid is on the way, it will be delivered tomorrow morning! Well then I can just turn off my computer and enjoy the last sun rays while biking back home to prepare a nice dinner… for this time.


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